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The posts below are in chronological order, from first written to last written, in order to keep the continuity. Click here to see posts in reverse chronological order.

- 1 -

Incident at the Supermarket
A minor misunderstanding at the supermarket rapidly becomes completely bonkers.

- 2 -

Interlude One: CERN calls at 5:00 AM
In the wee hours of the morning, someone from CERN calls me to ask a curious question

- 3 -

The Lady in the Woods - a Seduction in Words
A cry for help is not for the kind of help I expected. A slightly naughty post.

- 4 -

Two Kinds of Immortality
I meet a guy who claims to be working on immortality. I am not impressed. I have my own approach to living forever

- 5 -

The Alien Invasion that Wasn't
Do you remember the alien invasion that the American military brutally stopped? Apparently, it was something else all together.

- 6 -

The Phone Call
The phone rings at three in the morning. That is never a good thing.

- 7 -

Interlude two: Lost in Dartmoor
I've been walking, for I know not how long, across uncultivated mountain peaks of dirt, heather and stone. A mysterious line of people marches in the distant fog.

- 8 -

I am waiting for my partner when a familiar stranger approaches.

- 9 -

Venusian Warming
The discovery of life and death on Venus

- 10 -

Life Guru Invokes the Universe and the Universe Responds
A self-improvement guru says, 'the universe will hear you and make your dreams happen' - and the universe replies.














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