J e p h r e y

The lady in the wood 

The Lady in the Woods - a Seduction in Words


I am walking in what I call “the jungle”, a large-ish wood near my house. It's a peaceful place to walk and think and it is secluded enough to feel that one has left civilisation behind -- at least for an hour or two. On weekends, I encounter the occasional hiker or dog walker, but during the week there are few if any people in the Jungle and I wonderfully avoid human contact.

Today, is a peaceful, sunny Tuesday afternoon. For the first half hour, I encounter nary a soul. Then, as I pass a patch of shrubs at the edge of a field, I hear a thrashing sound and what sounds like a girl moaning.

I push into the shrubs and call out: “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

I push away the last of the branches to find a small patch of grass where a woman is sitting on a blanket. Her dress is pulled up, her panties lay on the blanket beside her and she is caressing her vagina. She looks only mildly surprised to see me standing there.

“Oh, I am sorry!” I say, backing away clumsily.

She looks me up and down in a way that is both flattering and disturbing.

“Yes, actually, you can help. Come here.”

I pause, not sure what she wants. It's funny, the situation has all the ingredients of a sex fantasy. Yet, as I am  encountering it in actuality, I am nervous. Nevertheless, I step forward - but not too close.

“You're that writer, aren't you?” she asks. It's a small village and people know each other. Well, other people know each other and me. I don't know them. I am a relative newcomer to the village, I have a memory problem and I am often too lost in thought to pay attention to the people around me.

“Yes,” I say.

“Then tell me an erotic story!” she says with delight.

“Oh, um sure,” I say, taken by surprise. I guess I won't be seduced after all. I am not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed. Instead, I think for a moment.

“Ok. What's your name?” I ask.


“Okay. And we need a lover. Tell me, who do you fancy, Anne?”

“You,” she says with an almost mischievous smile.

“But if you fancy me, you and I could...”

“No! You may seduce me with words only. No touching. Is that clear?”

"Yes, Anne," I say.

So, I make up a story of her and I encountering one another in the local Jungle; how we walk together, each harbouring secret desires for the other; how she trips and falls into my arms; how I kiss her; how we undress and explore each other's bodies beneath the warm sun; how we make love upon this field and against a tree and in a bird watching tower. From time to time, she interrupts me with a question or a request and I meld these into the narrative which, I confess, is turning me on too.

Finally, as the characters in the story climax, Anne brings herself to climax on the blanket. I watch as the tremors of pleasure ran through her. She clutches herself tightly for a moment and then she smiles up at me.

“Thank you,” she says as she slides her panties back on, collects the blanket, kisses me lightly on the cheek and starts to run away. Then, she stops, turns to me and says, "that was the best sex I've had in ages." Then she is gone.

“It was a pleasure,” I say. But she is too far away now to hear me.

And I continue on my walk.




© 2018 Jeffrey Baumgartner