J e p h r e y

Late night phone call 

The Phone Call

The phone rings at three in the morning. That is never a good thing. No one calls to share good news or chat or sell you anything at three in the morning. No. A phone call at that hour is always bad news.

“Brmph,” I say or something to that effect.

“Hello, Jephrey?” says a female voice at the other end.

“Yes. Who are you?” I ask.

“Your sister, you idiot. Don't you recognise my voice?”

“Sorry, I've just woken up.”

“Sorry about that, but, well, the old man died.”


“Of course. Who else?”

“What happened?”

“Plane crash. The company jet went down.”



“Wow, I need to absorb this,” I say after a moment's silence.

“Of course. Let's talk later,” she says.

“That would be good,” I say.

We ring off.

I am disturbed. I have no sister and my father died several years ago of MSA.




© 2018 Jeffrey Baumgartner