J e p h r e y

Curious rendezvous 


I am waiting in front of the old Town Hall in Leuven for my partner. We have a lunch date today. I am looking forward to it.

She's running a few minutes late, but that's not surprising nor upsetting. I have kept her waiting on occasion myself.

An a skinny blonde woman is walking towards me and I cannot help but to look at her, though I am conscious that if my partner sees me, she will be upset. She is too easy to jealousy and we men are too easy to look at an attractive woman.

As the blonde approaches, she flashes a warm smile at me. At first, I avert my eyes. I am shy and slightly embarrassed to be caught out staring. But, then I realise I need to be bolder, so I look at her again and smile.

She walks up to me, puts her arms around me and gives me a delightful kiss on the lips.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, baby,” she says.

“It's, um, okay,” I say, confused.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“Katleen?” I ask.

“Of course,” she says. “Who did you think I was.”

“Someone else.” Katleen is a brunette with short hair and a fuller figure than this blonde's. When I hold Katleen close, I feel the softness of her breasts and belly against me. With the blond, I feel bones.

“Silly man!” she says, laughing as Katleen would and often does.

So, we go off to lunch.



© 2018 Jeffrey Baumgartner